Friday, July 15, 2011


On my to-do list, I wrote down that I really needed to do a blog entry today.  I realize my entries are few and far between, so I need to set a goal to improve on that.  I had several entry ideas, however, upon reading my emails today, I decided to read the "Weekly Tip from Daily 5/Cafe" that I signed up for a long time ago.  I must admit, I don't always read these, as my assumption (which are often wrong) was that most of these tips are explicit tips for teachers using the Daily 5/Cafe model of teaching.  Many teachers in  our school use this model,  however, for some reason, I just don't often check these tips.

Well, I did today.  What a konk on the head.  Do you ever read a blog post and go, "Oh my gosh - she's talking about me."  Of course, I know it is a message to me from a higher source, but that a whole-nuther blog.

Lisa Glogower is a new writer for Daily 5 (at least that is my understanding) and this first entry of hers stopped me in my tracks.  Her post is on being present with our students and not let technology (cell phones, emails, etc.) be a busy signal to our students when they need us, which is every moment we are with them.  They need our full presence.  My favorite part of her blog is,

"I believe my students need and deserve my full attention. My job is to teach them creatively, inspire them, and connect not just with my students' minds but their hearts as well. I want to continue to provide the devotion these children deserve. "

You can't connect to their minds and hearts if your own mind is somewhere else.  This does not only apply to our relationships with our students, but to the relationships with our colleagues, our family members, even our pets and of course, to this beautiful world around us.

I think I will save Lisa's post to use with teachers to generate conversation about presence.

Be Present.  Live by it.

Shari ;-)

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