Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot New Interactive Read Alouds Workshop

I recently provided a couple of inservice sessions for area teachers introducing them to some amazing new (or newly discovered by me) interactive read alouds out there.  One session was for primary teachers and one for intermediate.

I honestly believe that teachers have zero time to be researchers.  Their daily day consists of planning, meetings,  phone calls to parents, paperwork and of course, teaching.  They truly desire to have the most powerfully moving texts to be reading with their kids, but, time does not always allow for them to find them. I feel obligated to make sure we have the books that provoke deep discussion and thinking in our bookroom.  And, also, to make sure our teachers know that they are there.

If we, as literacy coaches, can periodically, do some workshops on the books that are already in our possession and also be constantly bringing in new engaging texts that fit with what grade levels are doing, then we become an increasingly important link to helping students and teachers love reading.  And, we make those teachers who are looking for that "perfect read aloud" smile. :-)

Here are 2 powerpoints for each training, along with a handout for each.

K-2 IRA Powerpoint
K-2 IRA Handout
3-5 IRA Powerpoint
3-5 IRA Handout


Shari :-)

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