Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Blog

After much pondering, I finally decided I needed to start a blog.  I am a collector of sorts.  As a literacy coach, teacher and trainer for elementary teachers K - 5, I am in a constant state of seeking out mentor texts for interactive read alouds, writing workshop, reading workshop and for teachers in their quest for teaching meaning in the area of literacy.  Other sources sought are best practice teacher resources, online publications and even observations of literacy practices that are effective.  I crave to share what I discover.  It is an obligation for educators to share resources, ideas and new understandings that shape the minds of our children in a way that fosters their growth in literacy and as learners.

My hope for you, upon stumbling to this blog, is to inspire you to seek out a new book or resource,  nudge you to shift your thinking deeper in reading and/or writing, or to try something new with your students to grow their literate minds. :-)))

"If we wish to open the world of literacy to our children, what they are asked to read should from the very beginning help them to understand themselves and their world."
                         ~Bruno Bettelheim & Karen Zelan
                         On Learning to Read: A ChildísFascination with Meaning


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